Why choose a social media manager?

Don't like doing social media? Keep putting it off? Forgetting to post? Need a plan of action? Help? Have I got some good news for you!! Did you know that you can give it to someone else to do? And that's me! I can support your business by taking responsibility for your social media, by strategically building and maintaining your social presence. You can then focus on growing your business.


Stop inconsistent posting by creating a super strategy and making plans


Social media is a great tool for getting your message out there, as long as it's being used efectively


Find out what social media is all about and how you can use it best for your business

Why should you include social media marketing as part of your marketing strategy?

I’m glad you asked.

Social media is so important for small businesses because

🟡It’s free
🟡 It spreads awareness
🟡 It helps increase customer base
🟡 It allows you to connect with current customers

But not everyone likes it, is good at it or wants to deal with it (people have businesses to run, you know?)


All you need to do is hire someone to take on the responsibility for you or give you a gentle push in the right direction. And that’s where I come in. 

With services ranging from social media management to audits to training, there will be something to suit your needs.

Get in touch with me today and let’s sort something out!

Is everybody happy? Take a look....
Victoria Tretis

Victoria Tretis

Victoria Tretis

Everyone should have a Kerry on their team!

I had known Kerry for a few years, and when I needed extra business support in my own business, I was keen to have Kerry lend me her brain, particularly because I knew social media management was her zone of genius.

Before Kerry was on my team, I felt like my social media posts were very much "spray and pray". Yes, I was putting out a LOT of content, but it didn't feel strategic or organised in any way. I was treading water. And it was stressing me out.

Now that Kerry is supporting my business, my social media strategy is eleventy hundred percent more proactive! I no longer feel stressed. I'm not frantically creating images in Canva so that I can post something immediately. In fact, thanks to Kerry's proactivity and amazing skills with graphics, I have about two months of upcoming content plugged in my scheduler. Kerry's even helped weave in awareness days, drafted captions based on my blog content and made super helpful hashtag suggestions so that my content gets put in front of more of the right audience.

And there's even more Kerry excels at - she helps me project manage and action all of the moving pieces that come from producing a weekly podcast show, through to my weekly email and how it's repurposed into multiple pieces of content.

Kerry's there as my second brain in business to ensure I never drop the ball, and I not only trust her 100% with my business, I wholly rely on her awesome support.

10/10 stars. Highly recommend.

Sadie Finch

Sadie Finch

More than Admin

"Kerry has been a great support to me and my clients - she has picked up on the branding style and voice of several of my clients really quickly enabling me to completely handover the work with trust and comfort that she’ll do a great job. She has been brilliant at creating Canva graphics, sourcing images and scheduling blogs and social media posts. Kerry is completely reliable and trustworthy - as a complete control freak and perfectionist, handing over my work to someone else was really scary, but now I don’t know what I did without her."
Sadie Finch (Sadie Finch VA)

Gill Arnett

Gill Arnett

Positive Positioning

Kerry Harrison from Alternative Admin has been a great help with managing my social media for the last 5 months. I was not inclined to plan and schedule appropriate consistent and timely content as I will do anything to avoid sitting in front of the laptop when I could be doing something else.
Kerry has been great at understanding my business and writing relevant content and scheduling it to maintain a regular social media presence for my business and freeing my time to get on with everything else I should be doing.
I would highly recommend Kerry as she is efficient, organised and takes the time to fully understand your business and promote it effectively.

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