Your alternative admin solutions

Need help with paperwork? Need someone to keep an eye on your social media pages? Just don’t have the time to source that important gift, but want to get something with thought? There is an alternative...

Alternative Admin

I provide excellent admin support for clients both on-site and virtually.

Alternative Media

I can be an extra pair of hands and eyes to monitor and update your social profiles?

Alternative Lifestyle

I can support you in areas outside of work, meaning you have less to worry about.

Do You Ever Find There Just Isn’t Enough Time In The Day?

Do you find that you are not able to dedicate the full amount of time and energy to your business? You lack the time to concentrate on the elements that you enjoy? Your to-do list is full of admin?

Question: What is the alternative to all of this?

Answer: A Virtual Assistant!

As a Virtual Assistant, I offer bespoke administrative, social media and lifestyle support to busy entrepreneurs, consultants or small business owners.

Want to take your business to the next level? 

I can give you time and an extra pair of hands. And what’s more, you won’t even have to worry about the overheads that come with employing a member of staff, or sorting my tax out for me.

My support doesn’t stop at paperwork as I am happy to carry out non-work related tasks, such as sourcing important gifts for special people. Give me the details and I’ll make sure that they have the personal touch. 

In order to ensure everything is a-ok from the start, I offer a complimentary 1-hour initial consultation. We can discuss and agree on the support that you would like, most likely over coffee. Maybe even cake. My shout.

So, do you think this is relevant to you? Would the extra support benefit you and your business? Would you like to work with someone you can depend on?

Is everybody happy? Take a look....

"Kerry was often required to work effectively under pressure whilst working to deadlines. Our work required a large amount of commitment from the whole team and Kerry was always happy to rise to the challenges,
proving to be more than willing to work additional hours and take on additional duties as necessary."

"Kerry is very adaptable and flexible. Most willing to take on new challenges and is very much a team player, whilst being able to work confidently on her own when needed."

"I had a huge pile of business cards to enter onto my database, it’s a job I hate doing and they had been piling up for months. Kerry took them from me and updated my database quickly and efficiently. An added bonus – she sorted out the filtering issue on there too, thanks Kerry!"


Wishlist Checklist

If you had a business wish, what would you wish for? to focus on your business? to free up your time? to delegate routine tasks with confidence? quality, flexible support you can rely on? access Read more…

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