Why choose remote support?

In my experience a team of people can work together without physically having to work together. Remote workers and their clients are still a team and with effective communication, the working relationship will be a successful one. I can support your business by taking responsibility for your admin tasks and I can strategically build and maintain your social presence. You can then focus on growing your business.

Alternative Admin

Even those who you think have got it all down still see the benefit of outsourcing.

Alternative Social

Social media is a great tool for getting your message out there, when used effectively.

Yessss!!!!! It’s true, outsourcing is a totally beneficial way of getting someone else to do the tasks you don’t want to do or don’t have time to do, without having to employ staff!!!!!!!⠀

If you outsource some of your tasks you will have the complete support you require. What’s more, you don’t even have to worry about all the headaches that come with having employees.

I mean, do you really want to still be doing those tasks that take forever, that take you away from your core business tasks, when there’s a brilliant solution right here?

A solution that will give you:

  • more time to do the work YOU need to do
  • mental load reduction
  • shared responsibility
  • a sounding board
  • an advisor
  • an extra pair of hands

Not a bad deal, eh?

Imagine the before and afters. You can totally see what’s happening now. Stressful days and sleepless nights worrying about how you’re going to get everything done because THERE’S JUST NOT ENOUGH TIME. 

Listen, you’re not on your own. There is help out there. In fact, there is help right here!

If you would like to find out more then why not book a 30 minute discovery call with me and we can have a chat about it

Is everybody happy? Take a look....

"Kerry was often required to work effectively under pressure whilst working to deadlines. Our work required a large amount of commitment from the whole team and Kerry was always happy to rise to the challenges,
proving to be more than willing to work additional hours and take on additional duties as necessary."

"Kerry is very adaptable and flexible. Most willing to take on new challenges and is very much a team player, whilst being able to work confidently on her own when needed."

"I had a huge pile of business cards to enter onto my database, it’s a job I hate doing and they had been piling up for months. Kerry took them from me and updated my database quickly and efficiently. An added bonus – she sorted out the filtering issue on there too, thanks Kerry!"
- Linda Hoyland (Linda Hoyland Vitality Specialist)

"Kerry has been a great support to me and my clients - she has picked up on the branding style and voice of several of my clients really quickly enabling me to completely handover the work with trust and comfort that she’ll do a great job. She has been brilliant at creating Canva graphics, sourcing images and scheduling blogs and social media posts. Kerry is completely reliable and trustworthy - as a complete control freak and perfectionist, handing over my work to someone else was really scary, but now I don’t know what I did without her."
Sadie Finch (Sadie Finch VA)

"Kerry Harrison from Alternative Admin has been a great help with managing my social media for the last 5 months. I was not inclined to plan and schedule appropriate consistent and timely content as I will do anything to avoid sitting in front of the laptop when I could be doing something else.
Kerry has been great at understanding my business and writing relevant content and scheduling it to maintain a regular social media presence for my business and freeing my time to get on with everything else I should be doing.
I would highly recommend Kerry as she is efficient, organised and takes the time to fully understand your business and promote it effectively."
Gill Arnett - Physiotherapist (Positive Positioning)

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