A question for you: when can a mum with a child in tow not attend a Bizmums networking meet?

Answer: When the said child is sick.

Ironic, isn’t it? I can’t go to a networking group specifically for mums because I am a mum and ‘mum duties’ come first.

This would have been my second Bizmums meet, it was going to be based on money which is a subject that everyone can relate to. I’m not a member yet so I bought my ticket as a returning guest and was looking forward to meeting everyone again.

The best-laid plans, eh?

Networking is something quite new to me. I’m an introvert and found a couple of smaller groups that appealed to me, one being Bizmums and the other a group for women in ‘silent’ businesses who may work from home and be alone most of the day.

I attended the latter group for the first time earlier this month and fingers crossed will attend this month’s group as well. If the bugs stay away.

It’s a strange thing having to speak out in front of a group of strangers and tell them what you do, even if they are small groups, even if they are all women and friendly and it’s in a lovely little café and there is good coffee.

You must learn new skills, create an elevator pitch, summarise what you do, believe in what you do.

I’m going to another new networking meet next week (again fingers crossed) and the focus for that one will be social media. This, I think, will be very beneficial for me. My preparation for this one will be to read my new book Relax! It’s Only Social Media by Luan Wise.

I can do that whilst the child is napping, ssshhh

My objective for this one is to be able to add yet more services to the Alternative Media Support element of my business which means more on offer for clients, more work for me and everybody wins!

I’ll let you know how it goes.

In the meantime, if you would like any support then get in touch.

(Originally posted on 24/11/2017)


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