Hello 2021! So goals for this year, my 3 main ones are:

🎉Sort out training packages

🎉Build my email list

🎉Read 3 business books

Now I need to break down each into manageable (see not overwhelming) steps and give myself deadlines to complete each step.

Here’s what I have in mind:

Sort out training packages

  1. Review what content and resources I already have 
  2. Decide which training I would like to offer
  3. Update the training documents
  4. Choose a date
  5. Market it 
  6. Do it!

Build my email list

  1. Buy Helen Perry’s (notabout-thekids.com) Email Lists 2021 training package
  2. Do whatever she says I need to do 

Read 3 business books

  1. Buy the books 
  2. Allocate time to read the books
  3. Read the books

I think it will be easiest to do the email list task purely because I have to do something at a certain time.

I think the reading will be tricky due to never having any time so I WILL have to make it.

I think the training will be a game changer. 

And it will be amazing to finally update the training page on my website.

Honestly, I think this year I need to do something amazing. This is my accountability.

How about you? Have you set yourself goals for 2021?


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