I’m reading You Are A Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero

I’m a couple of chapters in and have already found a couple of things I’m not fully in agreement with. See the quotes below ⏬

I mean, I like her, she’s ace. I read You Are A Badass and loved it. But a couple of things have made me feel kinda uncomfortable.

Iffy thing 1

‘Rich people aren’t dicks’ or whatever the quote was.

Yeah maybe not regular rich people but mega rich people, like billionaires, I don’t think they’re great people. Just look at the Twitter profile Has Jeff Bezos Decided To End World Hunger?@HasBezosDecided and you’ll see that never ever does he decide to do it:

Iffy thing 2 

There’s a story of this fella who got a job by getting his interviewing technique down.

My concern here would be, could he actually do the job, or did he just talk a good talk? This is coming from someone who has not got jobs because she was ‘too nervous in the interview’ (but was more than capable and this feedback had a huge impact on her confidence).

Money is ALWAYS a tricky tricky subject. And in all honestly I do feel like I put blocks in place.

I was starting to feel like I could never be able to earn over a certain amount, whether in an employed or freelance capacity. And that kinda sucks.

I want to be one of those ‘nice’ rich people (wink)

And then, you know what I did? I went and spent a shedload of money all in one go. On what, you might ask…

If you follow me on social media you’ll have seen my announcement this week about the training I’m about to start with The Two Laura’s ADs Manager Academy

I currently know next to zeeeroooo about Facebook ADs so it’s very unchartered territory for me. Excited though!

Here’s to the earning potential and, of course, I’ll keep you updated on everything that’s going on with it 👩🏻