This year I’m planning on taking two weeks off over Christmas and I told my clients back at the beginning of November.

It’s important to do this so that we all know what to expect and can make plans for our workloads. And to ensure that anything that can be scheduled or automated over this time is scheduled or automated.

In this wonderful world of technology, we can get computers to do things for us, so we don’t have to. All it takes is a little bit of planning beforehand.

Here are a couple of tasks that you can do in bulk and/or pre-schedule to save time, energy and stress later on:

Social media

 One of the things you can schedule is your social media.

Whether you’re taking 2 weeks, a month or just a few days off, scheduling the posts that you want to go out over that time is such a good idea.

Plan, create and schedule posts in advance,  and you can ensure that you have a lovely relaxing time (with a few check-ins if you want). 

Also, it can be a bit more joyful creating your social media posts at this time of year. Well, I’ve found that anyway ⛄

I do this all year round because I find it so much easier to work with my own social media in stages.

Stage 1: plan posts for the month

Stage 2: create images for each post

Stage 3a: create content and schedule for days 1-15

Stage 3b: create content and schedule for days 16-28/29/30/31


I have a couple of suggestions with regards to using this method for creating your blog posts:

  1. Bulk write, proofread and schedule all at once for 3/6/9/12 months ahead (assuming you’re publishing one post a month)
  2. Break it down: bulk write a number of posts in one session, then proofread as you publish them

If you’re quieter at certain times of the year it could be a great use of your time (or you could outsource the proofing and scheduling).

Remember that you can repurpose blog content for email marketing content and social media content.

So it also pays to have as much evergreen content as possible where your blogs are concerned. 

In summary

If you’re planning time off over Christmas (and you know you deserve it), or at any other time of year, make sure you inform your clients in good time and get as much stuff automated as possible before you start your break.

PS don’t forget that you can always outsource these kinds of tasks as well. Just click on the images to find out more about my services.


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