Yes, I made a mistake.

But we all do from time to time, right? Only human and all that.

Or is that just an excuse I can use to cover myself and not look at what the real issue may have been?

Here’s the situation:

I’m contracted to work for a client for x amount of hours.

I worked over that amount one month and charged the client extra for this as stated in my agreement with them.

However, I felt uncomfortable sending the invoice.

It did raise an issue , which was resolved pretty quickly in, well, everyone’s favour really. 

It also made me kick myself that I didn’t follow the course of action that I had considered in my head.

Here’s what I should have done:

Knowing that I have worked above the expected hours, my plan was to suggest to the client that I could work fewer hours for them in the following month. This would work out ok as I am on holiday for some of that month.

But do you know what stopped me? 


Yes, the confidence to speak up, the self doubt, the uncertainty in my own business sense, etc etc

And even worse, I had a resource that could have helped me do it.

It’s Victoria Tretis’s super duper, all singing and dancing, mega ace Confidence Kick Start Bundle.

Many many many resources in there to help VAs ‘Stop being a VA freelancer who isn’t living up to their potential because of their self-doubt, impostor syndrome or lack of confidence.’

Big lessons learned from a silly mistake. It’s not too bad if it all works out ok AND you learn something from it.

“Make mistakes. Learn from them. Move on.” Anonymous


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