I made the decision a short while back to stop posting on Twitter

It wasn’t serving me. And by that I mean that whilst I could schedule posts, I wasn’t spending any time there to really justify including Twitter as part of my social media strategy.

Twitter, I think, needs to have a lot of time invested in it. For conversations. Because that’s what Twitter is all about really isn’t it?

In fact, Twitter is currently testing voice messaging, to make conversations that much easier.

Anyway, back to me.

My next action was to remove the link to Twitter from my website and added a pinned post to tell prospective clients where I was hanging out if they wanted to connect (that’s a useful tip for you).

But, I didn’t leave it completely.

Why? Well, it still has its uses:

♻ I  use the lists I created to keep up to date on news and info on things I want to know about for me and my clients

♻ My clients use Twitter, and I need it as a tool to work with and to be aware of

♻ I’m nosy and it can be a good source of news and, well gossipy stuff really

Testing, Testing

Like with all things social media, I had to include Twitter in my strategy to begin with, so that I could TEST whether it worked or not.

And, for me it didn’t. Instead it became an extra thing to work on, a way to spread myself too thinly. And this isn’t effective at all.

So, my takeaway from the experience was: it’s OK to let things go if they aren’t serving you. 

Do you agree? 

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