Alternative Admin

Do you find you are often running out of time and can’t complete all of the tasks on your to-do list?⠀
And have you ever considered how on earth you’re going to be able to manage to squeeze more time out of the day?⠀

Hmm, you mean you can’t actually create more time? Nooooo!⠀

Maybe not, but you can hire someone else’s time and they can do those tasks for you.⠀

Ta-da! A completed to-do list:

Write SOPs ✔️⠀

Organise workload✔️⠀

Type up documents ✔️⠀

Update database with lots of data ✔️

Research ✔️

Website updates ✔️

Blog writing or proofreading ✔️

And you didn’t have to do a thing!⠀

Block bookings

so you know exactly where you are each month. And don't worry, I'll always let you know how many hours have been used.

  • 10 hour block @ £270 /month
  • 20 hour block @ £540 /month
  • 30 hour block @ £810 /month