Alternative Social

Alternative Social

Love it or loathe it, Social Media is here & is a valuable marketing tool for getting your message out there.

But how do you know if you’re doing it right? Is your strategy being strategic enough? 

Is it taking up too much of YOUR time? You’re not able to engage as much as you would like. 

You can’t keep up with social media trends or updates?

Wherever you are in your Social Media life, there will be some way in which I can support you.

Starting it all from scratch

Support includes: -platform set up & optimisation -strategy -user persona development

Keep things ticking over

Support includes: - content creation /curation / repurposing - scheduling - reporting - engagement

Need a boost or run a campaign

Support includes: - campaign planning - hashtag research - audit & review - content repurpose

Everyone is at different stages of their business & they will have different social media goals & want different outcomes. There really is no ‘one-size-fits-all’. My approach to you & your business will therefore be bespoke to suit your needs. But that’s fine, just get in touch & let me know what you are looking for & I’ll create a plan to compliment your business needs. 

Why Choose Alternative Social?

I am a Digital Mum & graduated with the Diploma in Strategic Social Media Marketing training in April 2019. The super intensive 6 month training course consolidated everything I already knew about social media marketing & added so much more to my skillset.

Of course, I wanted to know more & how I could help others with this knowledge. So, I am studying towards becoming a Digital Mums’ Certified Trainer


Community management is an ongoing task for Social Media Managers & often includes elements that can be carried out on a stand-alone basis. If you feel that you only require a little outsider insight in to your social media then one of these may be just what you need.

You’ve been running your social media strategy by yourself & you’re pretty happy with it, but would like another perspective on it. This can be so useful as it’s often the case that we become too involved to evaluate our own work effectively.

An audit includes:

  • Analysing your social media platforms
  • Reviewing the content
  • Highlighting the awesome parts 
  • Advising how you can be even more awesome
  • Next steps 


You know you need to sort out your social media strategy, you might not even have your platforms set up yet. Don’t worry because help is at hand. We will discuss your goals & required outcomes, & from this information I will create a full & comprehensive social media marketing strategy for you. This process will be much easier if an audit has already been carried out.

A social media strategy will focus on:

  • Your goals & objectives
  • Your target market (user persona development)
  • Relevant & appropriate social media platforms
  • Tone of voice
  • Brand development & consistency
  • Influencer outreach strategy
  • Content strategy
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Hooks & hashtags